The God Who Sees Me - Guided Bible Journal For Teens (with FREE Printable Memory Verse Cards)

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The creative, done for you way to teach your teen key battle verses on confidence, trusting in God, purity, purpose, the power of words, and how to deal with trouble, worry and anxiety + guided drawing prompts, all wrapped up in one keepsake journal!

Say goodbye to fighting with your teen to read the bible, or spending precious money on study after study that never gets finished (or even started!). Let's face it, most adults have trouble getting in the word regularly, and the last thing any parent wants to do is follow up on more "homework".

That's why set out to design guided Bible Journals that are creative and I dare say FUN for teens with ZERO prep for busy Moms (so maybe you could have some time to get in the word as well!)

The God Who Sees Me is a guided scripture study that features 9 verses to help lay a biblical foundation of creating a relationship with God, turning to scripture for answers to life, and inspires them to come up with ways they can practically apply each scripture in everyday situations.

Each verse has missing key words to encourage them to look up the verse, a prompt question to journal or discuss, lines for writing thoughts, as well as a prompt and space to draw what practically applying the verse in their life looks like.

A unique and creative way to encourage your teen to get in the word, reinforce how God is always there, and lay a foundation for them to turn to God- in ANY situation.

PLUS they'll create a special keepsake you'll both treasure for years to come.
Workbook is 6" x 9" with lots of space for little hands to write and draw. Can be used for individual or group study. For best results use colored pencils, pens or markers.

  • Zero Prep Scripture Study
  • Battle Verses For Today's Teen
  • Inspire Creativity & Bible Reference
  • Designed For Ages 12-18

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Paperback workbook is 6" x 9" for easy carry. For best results use color pencils, pens, or markers.  Includes a FREE printable of all nine verses they've learned to help memorize each verse.


Ships in 1-2 business days from sunny Arizona.

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Jennifer Roth
Incredible Journal

Love this journal! What a great gift!


Life changing


These have been the best gifts for my children! Way better than cartoon coloring books. I’m saving these for memories!!