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Discover The Crafting & Christ Club


Hello from Arizona!

Here at Christian Craft Paper, we're all about bringing you original collections inspired by the Bible and Hymns every single month. Whether you're into decoupage, card making, or mixed media, we've got you covered. We provide not just the materials, but also step-by-step video tutorials and live workshop guidance to ensure your crafting journey is nothing short of a success. All you have to do is pick your favorite Club, and let the crafting adventure begin!


Embrace Community and Creativity Together PLUS a unique craft kit shipped to you every month!

  • 10-pack of 6.5x6.5 Christian Decoupage napkins including 5 original prints 
  • 1 Large project Base
  • 1 Mini project Base
  • 3-pack of junk journal papers for mixed media crafting and layering
  • Mod Podge and crafting brush
  • 1 Vinyl Waterproof original design sticker
  • 1 20"x30" Bible Verse decoupage tissue sheet
  • Ribbons, embellishments, & other crafting additions selected by our design team.
  • An exclusive monthly workshop demonstrating how to complete a fully finished project utilizing your monthly kit
  • Access to our private Christian Craft Paper Club Facebook group where you can share your projects, be inspired, and connect with others.
  • Exclusive discounts: Save 20 % on retail prices for all new product releases
  • First access on all new and limited-edition products


Get a unique craft kit shipped to you every month, plus all the added perks!

  • 10-pack of 6.5x6.5 Christian Decoupage napkins including 5 original prints 
  • An exclusive monthly workshop demonstrating how to complete a fully finished project utilizing monthly designs
  • Access to our private Christian Craft Paper Club Facebook group where you can share your projects, be inspired, and connect with others.
  • Exclusive discounts: Save 20 % on retail prices for all new product releases
  • First access on all new and limited-edition products


On our main craft night is the highlight of our crafting month—our main event! During this special night, we dive into the exclusive Crafting & Christ Membership Kit. This curated kit is your ticket to crafting magic, equipped with everything you need for the project (except the basics like scissors, hot glue, paint etc.). We've got your back, and to make things super easy, we'll share a list of all the goodies you'll want to have ready for your crafting adventure.

Bonus Craft Night is not just a crafting session; it's our special time to come together in faith, have a blast, and enjoy some quality crafting moments. We provide a handy supply list, and you can either dive into crafting with us or just kick back, watch, and chill out—it's totally up to you! Keep an eye on the group; we'll drop the supply list about a week before the craft night so you can get ready for the fun.


What if I miss the live crafting, can I watch the replay?

  • Yes, all of our videos are available to watch in the private Facebook on replay. We also have a video library on our YouTube channel for you to easily find the videos you are looking for.

What kind of crafting projects can I expect?

  • All our projects are decoupage based and will include the napkin club of the month (10 napkins) a main base project, a mini project, a bunch of extras,- as well as a step-by-step tutorial video tutorial.

Do I need to be an experienced crafter?

  • Nope! Decoupage is one of the easiest crafts to learn and is great for all skill levels, even kids! You can make your project as simple or as detailed as you'd like. For the tutorials I will things simple for the beginners to easily follow along.

Can I gift a subscription to someone else?

  • Yes! We also have 3/6/12 month gift subscriptions as well. When spots are open you can see them on the bottom of the page HERE.

What do I do after I sign up?

  • After you complete your sign up watch for an email from us. This email will have the link to the Private Facebook group, and other important information about being in the group.

When are craft nights?

  • Bonus craft night is usually on a Thursday, mid-month. Craft kit craft night is usually the last Saturday of the month. Replays for all craft nights are available anytime after the live has ended within the private group.

What if I need to cancel?

  • You can pause, skip, or cancel your membership at anytime with zero hassle. You can do it yourself through your membership portal or feel free to reach out to support@ChristianCraftPaper and we are happy to assist.

Will I still have access to the video replays after I cancel my membership?

  • Once you cancel the membership you will be removed from the group on the 1st of the month after your last craft kit and no longer have access to the private group.

Do I have to have a membership to shop with you?

  • Nope! If this the first place you landed, you can visit the home page HERE and choose a collection to browse and shop our site like normal. The club is just for those who want to connect, share, and grow in their crafting journey and faith through our monthly projects and craft nights.

Why do your napkin designs only have a print on the front?

  • We take great pride in designing almost all of the papers we carry in house and using U.S. print shops.
  • The upside is we get high quality paper products at affordable pricing, are able to order without crazy high minimum orders, and we enjoy quick turnaround times while supporting the U.S. economy all along the way. The downside is we have limited custom print options and can only print on the face of the napkin. God willing we will one day be able to purchase printing equipment and move that processes in house and perhaps be able to print the entire napkin while still keeping pricing affordable.

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***After signing up, expect an email in your inbox loaded with all the vital details and a direct link to join our exclusive Facebook group.

Once you're in, you're part of something truly special. This community is our haven, a sacred space where authenticity reigns. It's crucial to us that you feel safe and free to be 100% yourself, whether on the brightest or toughest days. If at any point that comfort level feels compromised, we reserve the right to bid farewell to memberships.

Got questions or need support? Shoot us an email at We're here for you!